LEKVAD TRAVEL has interests and investments in various tourism projects and coordinates the activities of companies, consultants and freelance workers out and in different markets and regions.

LEKVAD TRAVEL develops and plans holiday packages and bus tours for and in cooperation with tour operators from Europe and overseas and it settles with destination management partner with personal service in the language of the travelers in the holiday destinations.

LEKVAD TRAVEL offers its tour operator partners:

  • Round and cultural tours in Europe's most popular destinations
  • Holiday packages at selected holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea
  • Excellent rates and flexible terms
  • Overall conception and planning of projects
  • Assistance in the preparation of promotional material with text and images
  • Flight planning and purchasing support for scheduled and Charter flights
  • Help with the care of advertising grants from the target areas
  • Delivery of all land with the local destination management-teams
  • Care of all trips in the local language of travelers
  • Quality control and complaints management on site
  • Guest questionnaires and statistics processing

LEKVAD TRAVEL achieved this by:

  • Cooperation and collaboration between experienced, international tourism operators
  • Bundling of Know-How in planning, product development, processing and distribution
  • Bundling of purchasing power through cooperation with partners from various source markets
  • Targeted selection of destinations and seasons
  • Long-term cooperation with hotels, airlines, hotel groups and agencies
  • Long-term cooperation with partners and institutions in the target areas
  • Years of personal experience in the care and handling of tours
  • Many years of experience in managing large projects and Charter operations
  • A network of multilingual employees for destination management and care.

Our service for you

Optimized tours programs

Network of multilingual staff in destination management and support.

Contact details

Tel: + 46 (320) 4 19 17 or + 46 (70) 355 77 10


Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm

Lekvad, Skogsdal 3

511 96 Berghem

VAT-nr SE559034571501

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